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Proven Pest Control in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

End your pest and weed problem with the most effective pest and weed control solutions in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. APC Horticulture Limited is dedicated to ensuring your property always looks its best. Our team work hard to provide custom solutions for our clients and ensure you are always 100% satisfied with the service you receive.

On-Site, Personal Services

Like all of our services, pest control starts with a visit to your property, a full report of the invasive weed or pest you need to control, and a plan designed to remove the weed and pest. We offer plans up to a five-year cycle, and we start as soon as you agree to the plan and rates. Some of the most problematic weeds are Japanese Knot weeds, which can make it difficult to sell a home. We can solve any weed problem, though you may find it takes a number of treatments for full results.

Pest Control

Customisable Plans

Pest and weed control plans depend on the infestation you have to deal with. Plans may run one to five years, based entirely on the problems in your gardens. We use animal-friendly pesticides wherever possible, and if we cannot use them, we will advise you before applying the chemical. Most plans start with a few consecutive days of treatment, and then taper off to a single visit every one to three months. You can pay as you go for your treatments.

We guarantee our services work, though the specifics of the guarantee depend on your weed or pest problem. Discounted packages are available for custom-tailored plans involving more than one kind of service, so remember to bundle all of your  needs with us and save money!

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