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Effective Lawn Treatments in Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Trust us to provide the most effective lawn treatments to keep your property looking great. APC Horticulture Limited in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, provides a wide range of lawn management services tailored to meet your needs.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Great

We offer a wide range of lawn treatment options just for you. Choose from a one-time service or an ongoing management plan that covers everything from fertilisation to eradicating weeds. We also kill moss, level lawns, and aerate the ground. It all starts with a free site visit, followed by a customised quote that covers all your needs. Your quote includes the full price of both materials and labour. Once you agree, we schedule a time to begin working, and we always leave the area clean and tidy. Our treatments also includes Chafer Grubs, which are important to control as they eat the grass roots and devastate your lawn. In addition to the maintenance, we also supply and install new lawns.

Protecting Your Lawn

It is important to protect your lawn from pests, weeds, and the elements. Our treatments cover all your bases and ensure you lawn remains healthy all year. We use pesticides on the lawns to get rid of pests, and also use weed killer and a range of other methods to control problems in your lawn. Choose from single-time service or an annual package, and we can set up a monthly payment plan if necessary. Your first site visit is normally done within the week, followed by repeated visits as necessary. Soon enough, you will find yourself amazed by the difference. Our customers commonly say it looks like a new lawn, and we can make almost any lawn bounce back with our treatments. 

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